Strategic cooperation in sustainability management

Sustainability check for technology-oriented companies: ARRK Engineering and FutureCamp Climate pool their know-how

Sustainability check for technology-oriented companies: ARRK Engineering and FutureCamp Climate pool their know-how

With the introduction of the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), Germany is facing a groundbreaking change. The CSRD marks the beginning of a new era in sustainability reporting: In the future, around 15,000 companies in Germany will have to provide comprehensive information on environmental, social and governance aspects. The groundbreaking directive is in line with the European Green Deal. Its aim is to create transparency on the sustainability performance of companies and a comparable database. As a consequence, financial flows should be increasingly directed towards sustainable investments, thus enabling the transition to a forward-looking, resource-efficient, equitable and competitive economy. With this in mind, ARRK Engineering GmbH and FutureCamp Climate GmbH have formed a strategic alliance. In the future, they will jointly support both developing and manufacturing industries as well as their suppliers in fulfilling the reporting obligation and accompany them throughout on the path of their sustainable transformation.

Anne-Claire Höppner, Vice President Sustainability Management at ARRK Engineering, and Annette Gruß, Managing Director at FutureCamp Climate, agree: "By dovetailing our competencies in the areas of product development and sustainability management, companies we advise receive the best possible support on their transformation journey from a single source."

f. l. t. r.: Annette Gruß, Managing Director FutureCamp Climate; Anne-Claire Höppner, Vice President Sustainability Management at ARRK Engineering

The forthcoming implementation of the CSRD undoubtedly represents a challenge. This is because many companies will now have to deal with sustainability reporting in this level of detail for the first time, including upstream and downstream corporate activities. At the same time, however, the CSRD also offers a unique opportunity to firmly anchor the topic of sustainability in corporate management. The new reporting requirements create transparency and promote responsible action along the entire value chain. Companies can use this opportunity to strengthen their competitiveness today and for the future and position themselves as pioneers in sustainability.

From compliance with reporting requirements to a competitive factor

The cooperation partners ARRK Engineering and FutureCamp Climate offer a comprehensive sustainability check. This makes it clear at an early stage where the company to be advised is in the area of sustainability and what need for action exists. The insights gained form the content basis for the required reporting and the foundation of the sustainability strategy. "As part of the check, we analyze which of the various regulatory transparency obligations apply, but also the positioning in comparison to the peer group and the expectations of selected external stakeholders," explains Dr. Jens Ramsbrock, Senior Expert Sustainability Management / LCA at ARRK Engineering.

In parallel, the team of experts examines the internal sustainability performance, conducts interviews with department representatives and checks the extent to which the topic of sustainability is anchored in the company. The results of the analysis of this external and internal view are presented at a joint workshop and, based on the results, concrete recommendations for action and a work plan for the next steps are derived.

"As part of the Sustainability Check, our experienced team of experts will assist in developing a comprehensive reporting compliance program tailored to individual needs and the guidelines that must be followed," leads Hannah Powarcinsky, Head of Sustainability Services at FutureCamp Climate.

In addition, the cooperation partners help to concretize, communicate and implement the sustainability strategy from this program. The main goal is to implement close processes and prepare the company for the future. "The CSRD marks a milestone and will make sustainability not only an integral part of corporate culture, but also a significant competitive factor. For companies, it opens up the opportunity to use their successes in this area as a relevant sales argument," Ramsbrock sums up.


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Flyer on the sustainability check

A free webinar by ARRK Engineering and FutureCamp Climate on "Introduction to Sustainability Reporting Requirements (EU CSRD)" will be held on 10/24/2023 at 3:00 pm. Information about the webinar can be found on the FutureCamp website: