We support your career strategy

ARRK Engineering offers effective career strategies to all employees. Skills, knowledge and individual strengths are the key assets held by each and every employee. A company can only ever be as good as its team, which is why we strive to offer each ARRK employee individualized further training opportunities.

Because we know that the more qualified each individual employee becomes, the better the quality of our work and the greater the success of our company.

ARRK Engineering Academy

The ARRK Engineering Academy was established to champion all employees, to nurture them individually and to pass on the knowledge and experience acquired by our company over the years. Its main purpose is to advise our employees and executives, to develop concepts for needs-based development models and to organize all further training measures offered. The ARRK Engineering Academy training concept is constantly being revised and enhanced to ensure that it covers the latest developments. The suggestions and ideas from our employees are therefore important for offering professional development which continually caters to all needs.

Individualized development measures

At ARRK Engineering, employees discuss their individualized development measures with their supervisor and in consultation with the ARRK Engineering Academy. This process is supported by ARRK Engineering’s diverse training concept covering all technical areas offered at ARRK Engineering. Our specialist training courses are conducted by our own experienced trainers. We also offer a variety of soft skills training courses, as well as project management and management training courses.

Flexible course structures

A particular feature of the ARRK Engineering Academy is the flexible structuring of learning content in all training courses offered to all employees. Our professional trainers are constantly focused on maximizing learning outcomes for participants and respond to specific requirements which we notify them of in advance. The courses are not only flexible in terms of learning content, but also in terms of scheduling, and include numerous video training components in addition to face-to-face sessions.

The choice is yours: a career as a specialist or a career in management?

Besides extensive opportunities for individual advancement, the ARRK Engineering Academy also offers different development options depending on whether you want to progress along a management or a specialist path.

The process of selecting your career path takes place in consultation with your supervisor and involves assessments of your personal and professional skills and abilities. No matter what career path you end up following, we provide you with comprehensive support at all stages.

Management career path

This career path involves progressing through the company hierarchy with increasing levels of staff responsibility. As a manager, you and your employees make key contributions to the healthy growth of the company.

Specialist career path

This specialist career path is for those who want to become highly qualified specialists. Becoming a technical expert will see you assume responsibility for a specific subject area. As a specialist, you will use your expertise to support your colleagues and provide customers with constructive and solution-oriented advice.