Together for a sustainable future: insight into our comprehensive sustainability initiatives

Our company has a clear vision of sustainability and is committed to making a positive contribution to the environment and society. On this page, we would like to give you a comprehensive insight into our sustainability initiatives and show you how we as a company are continuously working to shape a sustainable future.

Sustainability in development is considered an important issue not only for economic interest, but also in the interest of the future. Through our actions, we want to be a role model for our employees, suppliers and customers with regard to the use of finite resources and raise their awareness in this area.

Sustainable environmental responsibility: Our contribution to a greener future

In our responsibility to the environment, our goal is to use renewable resources, conserve non-renewable resources and limit emissions of pollutants. Through these ongoing efforts, we are actively helping to protect our natural resources and create a greener, more sustainable future for us all. With this in mind, we at ARRK Engineering are already implementing the following selected measures:

Economic sustainability: The basis of our long-term success.

Economic sustainability forms the foundation for the long-term success and future viability of ARRK Engineering. As a responsible company, we recognize the central importance of economically viable and efficient corporate management. In this section, we would like to illustrate the great importance of economic sustainability at ARRK Engineering and show how we ensure long-term stability, growth and the preservation of our competitiveness through a sustainable business strategy and responsible financial planning.

Social sustainability: A firm code of values for a just future

In our belief in social sustainability, our actions are based on firm principles. We deeply believe that it is essential to preserve human rights and dignity and to protect health and safety. In addition, we are committed to building social networks while promoting the knowledge and performance of our employees through education and training.

Certifications and memberships

Sustainability certifications play an increasingly important role in today's business world and are a key factor for companies seeking to demonstrate their responsibility to the environment, society and their employees. These certifications serve as recognized evidence of a company's commitment to sustainable business practices and demonstrate an effort to achieve positive social, environmental and economic impacts.

Our sustainability efforts are closely linked to the VISION2030 of our parent company Mitsui Chemicals. The Mitsui Chemicals Group strives to provide high-quality products and services through innovation and material development, while acting in harmony with the global environment.

Its approach is based on "triple bottom line" management that takes into account economic, environmental and social factors and aims to address societal challenges through its business operations.

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