Our Management

Dr. Stefan Dömök

Managing Director (CEO) 

With ARRK Engineering since 1994.

After studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, he received his doctorate there in 1995. Stefan Dömök joined ARRK Engineering in 1994 in the CAE department. Since 2007, he has been managing director of ARRK Engineering GmbH and manages all engineering activities throughout the ARRK Group.


Change also always means new opportunities."

Dr. Thomas Schneider

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

With ARRK Engineering since 1999.

After studying materials science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, he completed his doctorate on the simulation of ceramic materials. His work was awarded the Werner Köster Prize of the DGM and the PhD Prize of the Faculty of Engineering. After starting at ARRK Engineering in 1999, he became head of simulation worldwide in 2009. He has been CEO of the subsidiary ARRK R&D in Romania since 2009 and its legal representative of the subsidiary in China since 2019. Since 2017, he has been responsible for the engineering activities of the ARRK Group worldwide. He is responsible for strategy development and has been a member of the Executive Board as authorised signatory and COO since 2018.

Only when the path makes a turn can you reposition yourself.

Daniel Gerauer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

With ARRK Engineering since 2001.

While studying to become an industrial engineer (FH), he worked as a student trainee and later as an intern in the areas of prototyping, testing, design, project management, modeling & simulation, IT and finance at ARRK. This also included longer stays at subsidiaries in Coventry, Paris and Turin. After a restructuring project in Italy, which was concluded with the sale of the company, he returned to Munich in 2009 as Commercial Director and has been a member of the Executive Board as authorized signatory and CFO since 2018.

We are the good ones. Honest, cooperative, long-term.