At ARRK Engineering, our fringe benefits are a clear recognition and appreciation of job performance. We are always looking for new attractive partners for our benefit program, so you can choose from a wide range of really useful additional benefits. Company pension plan, flu vaccination, fitness offer, jobbike. Click through our offer.


We support our team in their daily commute to work, but also for private journeys, with various salary extras - simply choose between a company bicycle, job ticket, rental car or leased vehicle and minimize private costs.

Insurance & Pension  

With our company pension plan, we are committed to providing comfortable coverage in old age and helping to provide for the future. For the here and now, there are also regular health care offerings, such as flu shots.


Sports are an important part of life! ARRK Engineering offers numerous opportunities to move, relax and have fun with its fitness and wellness network.


Car parts? Office supplies? A new coat? Or a music system? Through our extensive shopping network, you can get everything at special rates from a variety of suppliers.

Daily Goodies

We have put together a great package for a pleasant everyday life: Among other things, we work in flexible models, offer free parking, provide fresh fruit, allow days off, play foosball and celebrate together.

More Incentives

It is nice when the members of the ARRK Engineering team enjoy working together for the long term. That is why employee anniversaries and the recommendation of new professionals are of course rewarded accordingly.