Powertrain development from concept to finished product

Efficient and dynamic powertrain technology forms the central element of impressive products.

ARRK Engineering uses its interdisciplinary expertise to support you in the development of individual components to entire systems, as well as in the development and implementation of innovative methods for the development process itself. With our combination of experience and innovation, we are your ideal partner throughout all phases of product development – from methodological development to safeguarding the product within our or your process in both the virtual and real world.

As a competent partner, we accompany you into a successful future.
Dr. Jan Reger
Area Manager Powertrain
With ARRK Engineering since 2002

Development of powertrain systems

With our interdisciplinary approach, we support you throughout all stages of development with consultation, individual tasks and phases of the development process to the complete methodological development of drive systems. In doing so, we work with your systems and processes as well as our own. With our interdisciplinary experience in virtual and real-life automotive and special machines, we are your ideal, reliable partner – from advance development to mass production, and from components to entire systems. 

Range of products

  • Powertrain
  • Electric motors
  • Combustion engines
  • Transmissions
  • High-voltage batteries
  • Test benches
  • Decoupling systems and brackets
  • Cooling systems
  • Power electronics
  • Control units


  • Automotive
  • E-mobility
  • Commercial and special-purpose vehicles
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Special drive units
  • Hand tools


From the overall system to the individual component as well as the interfaces to the environment, we develop and integrate drive trains in close coordination with our customers in a targeted manner with regard to the relevant requirements

  • CAE-based component and system development
  • Efficiency, consumption and dynamics analyses
  • Load data simulation as a basis for component development
  • Integration, bearing and vibration decoupling
  • (3D) tolerance management from the component to the complete system
  • Test and validation of electronic drive components on the test bench and in the vehicle
  • Commissioning/test station


The requirements of transmissions have changed immeasurably as a result of the rise of e-mobility. We develop specialized transmission systems that take into account the increased requirements in terms of topology, lightweight construction, rpm ranges and acoustics.

  • Gear, shaft and bearing design
  • Parking brake design
  • Housing design
  • Clutch and actuator systems
  • CAE-based design, optimization and safeguarding
  • Design for manufacturing (including molding) and assembly
  • Supplier management
  • Application
  • Electronics development

Electric motors

In the development of electric motors, we support our customers with everything from electromagnetics to the acoustic and structural-mechanical analysis to the application.

  • Electromagnetic simulation
  • CAE-based analysis of thermal aspects, acoustics, dynamics, mechanics and durability
  • Housing development and construction
  • Integration (e.g. fully integrated gearbox/drive units)
  • Power electronics
  • Application of customer-specific measurement and testing systems
  • Hardware and software development

Sample projects

A selection of sample projects are available here for download: