Meet the team behind the scenes

A new edition of our series "Meet the team behind the scenes of ARRK Engineering"- for this one we talked to Group Leader Christoph Haupt about his everyday challenges and rituals.

A new edition of our series "Meet the team behind the scenes of ARRK Engineering"- for this one we talked to Group Leader Christoph Haupt about his everyday challenges and rituals.

When and how did you start your career at ARRK Engineering?

I started in 2013 directly after my studies as a Technical Sales Coordinator in the testing area. In this role, I supported all managers in the area and thus had a deep insight into many operational topics as well as the various internal processes throughout the company from the very beginning.

What has influenced you most during your first years in the job?

The close cooperation with the different management levels as well as the direct relation to planning, organization and strategy within the company were very exciting for me. These aspects and the direct contact with many nice colleagues in the operational environment have strengthened my decision to pursue a management career here at ARRK Engineering. That's why I'm also very grateful that I've been given the trust and the opportunities to continuously develop internally and to always tackle new challenges.

How would you describe ARRK Engineering in a few sentences?

An Engineering service provider that has retained its positive and open corporate culture despite all the changes and adversities of the market. For me, this is evident not only in the fair way we deal with each other, but also in the open cooperation with customers. For me, it's almost a family environment in which I enjoy working and can develop further every day. 

Which topics are you responsible for in your function at ARRK Engineering?

You can't say that I specialize in one topic. Since starting in the Group Leader function in 2018, I have been responsible for the topic of functional gearbox validation for one of our main customers.

Due to internal restructuring, a short time later I also took over the project for functional development of passive acoustics and noise prevention, as I already knew the environment and the customer from the past.

Starting a few months ago, I was able to get to know another customer environment by taking over the topic of material management at our Heimsheim site near Stuttgart.

What are the biggest challenges in your role as Group Leader? 

Due to the very diverse project content for which I am responsible, it is of course always very important to be up to date on all topics in order to be able to address any challenges that arise in a timely and solution-oriented manner. The difficulty also lies in meeting the needs and wishes of the customer as well as the responsibility towards the employees as best as possible.

What do you try to pass on to your employees?

Openness, transparency and, above all, communication are very important to me. If speak on an equal level at all times and communicate openly and objectively with each other, many everyday challenges can usually be solved very quickly. If you ask for help in a stressful situation in time or offer support to the other person, you can achieve a lot together.

What would you like to achieve personally?

I try to develop myself every day, both professionally and personally. My goal is to always tackle new challenges and not to rest on what I have achieved so far.

What rituals are necessary for you?

I wouldn't call it a ritual, but the short chat or lunch together with colleagues is very important to me. Unfortunately, that was difficult to do during the Corona pandemic, with home office, closed canteen and other adversities. That’s why it’s even greater to see that more and more colleagues are now finding their way back to the office and that personal exchange on site is once again possible.

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