Congratulations on 10 years at ARRK Engineering!

Interview with Philipp Gutbier, Group Leader ADAS - System Functions

Philipp is a native of Suhl in Thüringen, has a three-year-old son and lives with his family in the south of Munich.

Hi Philipp!

You have been with ARRK for 10 years now - you started as a test engineer in 2013 and are currently the group leader of 27 colleagues.

Thank you for answering a few questions on the occasion of your anniversary.


What exactly are your tasks in the area of driver assistance systems?

In fact, I'm actually juggling different topics all day long. My motivated group is active in the areas of diagnostics, coding and application data management, hardware and software logistics for ECUs, as well as defect management. The customer always wants the best performance - so we need a balancing act between our needs and those of the customer. Of course, I want both: optimal satisfaction for my colleagues and maximum performance for the customer.

Of course I like exciting projects and structural development, but what I like best is to develop people. The coolest thing is when colleagues can't imagine a role at all at first and are absolutely thrilled afterwards.

There are also dry topics, such as database maintenance, but on the whole I act as an interface and that is varied.

The ADAS department has only been around for a year and we've already grown to 320 employees! You can get to know an incredible number of exciting characters.


ARRK means to me ....

.... talented professionals and appreciation!

Uncovering people's potential and telling them "try your hand" is wonderful. With the proper backing, it makes for a great atmosphere.

Being allowed to try things out and bring different nuances to the job is an appreciation I wouldn't want to miss. There is room for creativity and I can achieve success with my team in a self-determined way.


The topic of ride comfort has become central in many areas and has replaced other trend topics. Is that the same for you?

Absolutely! In the future, the actual driving will move into the background.

The new automobiles look like a couch landscape - like a comfort cell that invites you to linger. The focus here is on communication, and dead time is to be converted in the future.


In your opinion, is there an automotive future without the involvement of autonomous vehicles?

There certainly won't be, because the idea of mobility has changed in generational terms. People no longer want privatized traffic. The whole thing will go more in the direction of carpooling, and a lot will also happen in terms of communication between vehicles. I'm definitely excited about it!


Thank you very much, Philipp!

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