WELCOME ABOARD - Nice to have you here!

Welcome to ARRK Engineering!

Even before you officially start, we would like to give you a first insight into our world. Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to make your start as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Your first day will be exciting: it's all about discovering your workplace, getting to know the team and getting a feel for our culture. Don't worry, we'll be with you every step of the way, offering advice and support to make sure you feel comfortable right from the start.

To help you get started, we have put together some important information here that will make your start with us easier:

Your way to us

Your workplace is located either directly at our headquarters or at one of our other locations in Munich or Germany. To help you find them easily, we have summarized the directions for you below.

Headquarters Munich


ARRK Engineering GmbH, Frankfurter Ring 160, 80807 Munich, Germany

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Parking lots

Visitor parking spaces are located directly in front of the door.

Employees working directly on site can park in the parking garage directly behind the building on levels six, eight, ten and twelve. A parking card is required for entry, which is issued by reception.

Public transportation

Tram: 23 Schwabing Nord, terminus "Schwabing Nord"

Subway: U2 Feldmoching, stop "Frankfurter Ring" with subsequent 15-minute walk or 5-minute bus ride with the 177 or the X35

Bus: 177 stop "Ingolstädter Straße" or "Schwabing Nord", X35 stop "Schwabing Nord", 140 or 141 stop "Ingolstädter Straße", 50 stop "Domagkstraße West"

Our other locations in Munich and the surrounding area


Preußenstraße 41, 80809 Munich

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Stuttgarter Straße

Stuttgarter Straße 1, 80807 Munich

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Emmy-Noether-Ring 4, 85716 Unterschleißheim

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Our other locations in Germany

  • Ingolstadt
    Founded in 1999

    ARRK Engineering GmbH
    Levelingstr. 1
    85049 Ingolstadt

    Phone: +49 841/ 88190-0

    E-Mail: info.ingolstadt@arrk-engineering.com

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  • Stuttgart
    Founded in 2001

    ARRK Engineering GmbH
    Wankelstraße 3 (STEP 5)
    70563 Stuttgart

    Phone: +49 711/620412-0

    E-Mail: info.stuttgart@arrk-engineering.com

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  • Köln
    Founded in 2002

    ARRK Engineering GmbH
    Oskar-Schindler-Str. 9
    50769 Cologne

    Phone: +49 221/534380-0

    E-Mail: info.koeln@arrk-engineering.com

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  • Heimsheim
    Founded in 2015

    ARRK Engineering GmbH
    Alemannenstr. 19
    71296 Heimsheim

    Phone: +49 7033 / 69 26 30

    E-Mail: info.stuttgart@arrk-engineering.com

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  • Wolfsburg
    Founded in 2011

    ARRK Engineering GmbH
    Alessandro-Volta-Straße 22
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Phone: +49 5361 / 890812-100

    E-Mail: info.wolfsburg@arrk-engineering.com

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Here you will find quick and easy answers about your start and your first steps with us. Read on to find out everything you need to know about your company login, your company ID card, the process for your first day at work and the necessary documents for the HR department.

Company overview

In this overview, you can find out more about our specialized areas of expertise, the geographical distribution of our locations and the milestones in our history. This information is designed to help you navigate the organizational landscape, understand your role in the big picture and recognize how your contributions will help us achieve common goals and continue our success story. We are excited to have you with us on this journey.


Our intranet Sharepoint is your central access point to everything you need - from comprehensive information about our competencies, administration and benefits to details about our global locations. It's the perfect place to share knowledge and discover all essential company resources.

Use the intranet to make your daily work more efficient and realize the full potential of your role with us. And don't worry, if you have any questions about Sharepoint, we'll be happy to help you navigate. You will also learn the most important short cuts of the ARRK intranet in our 1st day event.

Information about our benefits

At ARRK Engineering, our benefits are a clear recognition and appreciation of job performance. We are always looking for new attractive partners for our benefits program, so you can choose from a wide range of really useful benefits, such as company pension scheme, flu vaccination, fitness offer, bike leasing.

You can find out all about our benefits in detail at the 1st day event on site. If you have any questions about our benefits, please contact marketing (at) arrk-engineering.com.

Information on further training opportunities

Ein Unternehmen ist immer nur so gut wie seine Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter. Darum ist es der Anspruch unserer hausinternen ARRK Engineering Academy, jeden und jede individuell zu fördern und weiterzubilden.

Das Ziel der ARRK Engineering Academy ist es, dich im Hinblick auf die zu erfüllenden Aufgaben bei der notwendigen Wissenserlangung zu unterstützen, dein Wissen und deine Fertigkeiten aktuell zu halten bzw. zu erweitern und deine Kompetenzen und Potenziale zu stärken und auszubauen. Mit unserem unternehmensspezifischen Trainingsprogramm achten wir auf folgende Grundsätze:

Zielgruppenspezifische Themenauswahl – Enger Praxisbezug – Teilnehmerorientierte Seminarkonzepte

Unser ARRK Engineering Academy Trainingsprogramm findest du im Sharepoint.

Bei Fragen wende dich gerne an training (at) arrk-engineering.com.

We look forward to seeing you!

"Very pleasant atmosphere, great colleagues and superiors, lots of flexibility and benefits - a top company!"

"Searched for a long time and finally found it."

"Still very satisfied after more than 10 years!"