Automotive engineering for the Thermal Management of the future

As a company specializing in innovative automotive engineering solutions, we are committed to addressing the challenges of thermal management in the automotive industry. Thermal management plays a crucial role in modern vehicles to ensure the performance, efficiency and reliability of powertrain systems, batteries, charging infrastructure and interior comfort.

Together with our partner IPETRONIK, we have the complete competence profile for the development of thermal management and air conditioning systems in the automotive sector, taking into account efficient operating strategies.

ARRK Engineering & IPETRONIK - a strong partnership

Innovative and efficient thanks to our partnership

ARRK Engineering and IPETRONIK each concentrate on their specialized subareas and continuously develop them further with the latest technologies. As a result, our solution approaches are characterized by the highest degree of innovation and maximum efficiency. Nowadays, electrified vehicle drives are already standard and no longer an innovative feature. Nevertheless, additional potential for improvement can be tapped through optimized components, the use of new operating materials, and predictive thermal management and climate control methods.

Based on the functional strategy, we develop a customized system architecture that meets all requirements. By combining a modern control strategy with a sophisticated interior comfort concept incorporating AI and IoT, we automatically adjust all range potentials and comfort settings.

With our long-standing development partner IPETRONIK, we have unique competencies to offer holistic solutions and development proposals in all disciplines of thermodynamics. IPETRONIK is a globally active company for mobile measurement technology, DAQ software, engineering services and test bench technology in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Facts & Figures

140 specialists in the field of thermal management


Established partnership for over 10 years

Active together at 5 locations

Two strong partners. A well-coordinated team. For maximum engineering expertise.

An alliance that allows us to analyze and solve your requirements specifically and in line with your needs as early as the product development process. We think ahead, are familiar with all processes and specializations of OEMs and Tier-1s. For years we have been working together on components and systems - from the early development phases to series production.

Interdisciplinary expertise for the entire development process

Our team of highly qualified specialists has extensive know-how in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, electronics and control engineering. We use state-of-the-art simulation and modeling techniques to analyze and optimize complex thermal systems. In doing so, we also take environmental aspects into account, such as the reduction of emissions.

ARRK Engineering & IPETRONIK  

This partnership stands for in-depth know-how, holistic approach and customized solutions in the field of thermal systems: but above all, it stands for successful component and system development for the thermal management of the future!

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