Display Laboratory

Vehicle interiors and display/operating systems in particular are becoming increasingly important. As specialists in display technologies, cockpit electronics, and HMI, we enable our customers to develop unique driver experience spaces and actively contribute our own ideas through our innovation management and technology scouting. 

The next step to deliver more value to our customers is providing optical measurements for all types of displays and interior lighting elements. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to our upcoming display laboratory, which will be in service for you in July 2024. 

This includes a high-resolution imaging photometer and a 6-axis robotic system for automated, high-precision alignment measurements in accordance with well-established measurement standards, e.g. the “International Measurement Display Standard” (IDMS) and “German Automotive OEM Working Group” of the German Flat Panel Display Forum (DFF). This allows measurements to be carried out with a high degree of repeatability and quick adjustment for different measurement tasks or displays. In addition to the optical measurements, subjective evaluations can be performed by our full-fledged display experts.

Our competences

Target components

  • flat displays​​
  • curved displays​​
  • freeform displays​​
  • tell-tales​​
  • illuminated buttons / control elements​​
  • ambient light​ing​
  • several display technologies 
    (LCD, OLED, ...)​
  • and much more...

Possible measurements

standard display parameter

  • luminance
  • contrast ratio
  • color coordinates
  • homogeneity
  • gamma

Local dimming parameter

  • halation
  • loading
  • light spreading function
  • Local Dimming uniformity
  • Local Dimming color uniformity