APIX3 Converter II

Flexible video converter for the conversion from DisplayPort to APIX3

The ARRK APIX3 Converter II improves your workflow with APIX3 displays. It enables you to display video signals from any DisplayPort source on APIX3-compatible display devices. Simulate a complex control device including control data using flexible firmware and driver functions. This enables both simple operation and testing of APIX3 displays. Equipped with either an H-MTD or HSD connector, displays from previous, current and future display generations can be controlled.

Core functions

  • Simple setup of a test system for development or validation purposes
  • Implementation of customer-specific functions and applications thanks to flexible firmware with Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Enables access to video, control and touch data for further processing
  • Supports DisplayPort sources (specific GPU compatibility on request)
  • Out-of-band signaling (OOB)
  • Daisy-chaining of multiple displays
  • Twin mode: Parallel control of multiple displays with independent video streams (dual lane)
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) for uncomplicated configuration
  • Display of test patterns without external video source
  • Use of the APIX3 display as an HID (Human Interface Device) via USB
  • Supports GDCN
  • Supports Display Stream Compression (DSC)
  • All features are variant-dependent

Application areas

  • For display control in early design/development phases when there is not yet a suitable control unit for control
  • Presentation of display features, infotainment, operating concepts and more
  • Seat boxes and demonstrators
  • Tests for development purposes (e.g. UI design)
  • Show cars
  • Safeguarding and validation
  • Use in production lines

APIX Converter Tool (ACT)

  • Readout and visualization of touch data
  • Firmware update of APIX3 displays and converters
  • Debugging and logging
  • Creating and changing display configurations
  • Parameterization of the converter
  • Generation of test patterns
  • GDCN Message Builder

Technical data

Supply voltage:

12V DC nominal

Energy consumption (without display):

3.6 W

Temperature range (operation):

-5 to +50°C

Relative humidity (non-condensing):



0.25 kg


84 * 105 * 49 mm (L * W * H)



The Converter is available in two versions:

Complete overview of functions available in the product flyer.

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