Congratulations on 10 years at ARRK Engineering!

Congratulations to our Group Leader in MOSAN (Material, Optical Systems, Validation and Sustainability Management), Christoph Haupt, on 10 years at ARRK Engineering!

Hello Christoph! Congratulations!

For the past decade, you have contributed to the success of our company with expertise and dedication, and you have overcome constant changes and challenges with the automotive industry. Let's take a look at your experience and personal growth...

What position are you currently in and what projects are you working on?

I am currently a Group Leader in MOSA ... actually MOSAN, since we started our new competence Sustainability Management. MOSA stands for Material, Optical Systems, and Validation.

At the moment, I am working in two areas: firstly, in the drive environment, particularly in transmission safeguarding, and secondly, in the area of materials management and environmental analysis.

And how did everything start for you at ARRK Engineering?

I studied industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Schweinfurt and went to the VDI Recruiting Day in Munich. There I met our recruiter Eva Eisele and she convinced me to join ARRK Engineering. After that, everything happened very quickly...

I started as a technical-sales coordinator directly with Anne-Claire Höppner as a staff position of the division management. After that, however, I quickly moved into acoustics topics and thus more and more into project work.

... and now ARRK Engineering has been your employer of choice for 10 years. What makes you happy here?

It still feels good here.

I have always had room and motivation for my own development, and I have always had the opportunity to take advantage of new opportunities and go my own way. Working with my superiors, colleagues and employees is fun, and I've also been able to make some deep friendships that go far beyond the job. The whole package simply fits.

ARRK is for me....

... somehow a matter of the heart.

Thank you, Christoph!

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