Flexible video converter for HDMI to APIX3

The ARRK APIX3 Converter enables you to see video signals from any HDMI source on APIX3-compatible display devices. Simulate a complex control unit and control data using flexible firmware and appropriate driver functions. This will make operating and testing APIX3 displays simplicity itself.


The ARRK APIX3 Converter enables video signals from any HDMI source to be shown on APIX3-compatible display devices. It converts both video and control data. The resolution of the HDMI interface can be automatically or manually adjusted to the APIX3 display.

The firmware enables the flexible processing and transmission of control data. The integration of driver functions means that a complex control device can be simulated. It is also possible to receive and analyze MII Ethernet data. This allows touch information, for example, to be received and passed onto the PC.

With the ARRK APIX3 Converter, a complex test setup is no longer necessary for operation of an APIX3-compatible display device. Instead, a computer connected to the converter can show video content directly on the display device and be controlled by touch inputs. The ARRK APIX3 Converter is therefore highly suitable for presentations, for use in mock-ups and demonstrators, for tests or for development purposes (for example, UI design).

The ARRK APIX3 Converter also assists in early design phases, thereby reducing costs for test setups as well as valuable development time. This way, graphics and designs can be shown directly on an APIX3-compatible display at an early development phase, even if the central control data are not yet available. Internal parameters can be configured using PC software and an API in JSON format. The ARRK APIX3 Converter can also be integrated into any test environment.

The ARRK APIX3 Converter already supports a wide range of displays. We are happy to provide further configurations upon request. The ARRK APIX3 Converter is also reverse-compatible as an APIX2 interface.


  • Simple set-up of test systems for development or validation tasks
  • Flexible firmware permits the simulation of control units and on-board computers for controlling displays
  • Enables access to video and control data and touch events, e.g. for further processing or transmission to a computer
  • Supports any HDMI source
  • Control software can be individually adjusted (e.g. for simple display calibration, temperature monitoring, etc.)
  • Configuration changes are easy thanks to the software supplied with the product

Technical properties

  • Supply voltage: 12V DC nominal
  • Temperature range (operation): +5 to +50°C
  • Power consumption: 3W (without display)
  • Relative humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing)
  • On request, we are also happy to implement individual product adaptations related to the software for you

We are glad to help!

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Further information about the product is available here.

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